Bra Shopping After Breast Augmentation

May 16, 2023
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Most patients are excited to go bra shopping after a breast augmentation. This can and should be a satisfying experience, where you find flattering styles that highlight your shape. There are some tips that can help you get the right type of bra during recovery and simplify bra shopping with breast implants.

Post Augmentation Support Bras

post breast augmentation support bra

For the first three to six weeks after your procedure, you will need to wear a supportive surgical bra. These are designed to keep swelling down and help your breast implants heal without movement. Your first bra shopping after breast augmentation may be selecting a few comfortable post-surgical bras.

After the first month, your doctor may recommend a sports bra that is soft and supportive and opens in the front. You should hold off on ordering or wearing underwires or other styles during this time.

When Can I Go Bra Shopping After Breast Augmentation?

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Your cosmetic surgeon will give you the go-ahead, but typically you should wait at least six weeks before going bra shopping after a breast augmentation or breast lift. This allows any swelling to go down and for your breasts to reach their new natural state. Then you can find a bra that fits and flatters your shape.

Bra Fitting After Breast Augmentation Surgery

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The size, shape, and silhouette of your breasts will have changed after your procedure, and it is very helpful to schedule a professional bra fitting after augmentation surgery. If you have never had a professional fitting, you might be surprised how comfortable and easy it can be. Your bra fitter will help you select the right bra size and styles and will understand the needs of breast augmentation patients.

Your new bras are truly “foundation” garments, in that they will directly affect how you look in clothing and how that clothing will fit. You can schedule a bra fitting with many clothing stores or even just request one when you arrive. Until you know your new size and the bra styles that fit your new shape, resist the temptation of buying bras online.

How Soon Should I Buy Expensive Lingerie After Breast Augmentation?

Over the first six months the size and shape of your breasts will continue to subtly change. It is best to wait about six months before you invest in expensive lingerie or start shopping for bras online. If the bras you purchased two months after surgery don’t fit well after four months, you might want to set up another professional bra fitting.

What Are the Best Bras for Augmented Breasts?

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The best bra for you will be comfortable to wear, have wide or cushioned shoulder straps to distribute any additional weight, and might have more support with padding, underwires, or side panels than your old bras. The one that makes you feel confident and looks best under your (new) favorite dress or jacket is almost always the best choice.

When you find a bra style that meets your needs, you can add other layers to your wardrobe with more confidence. When you go bra shopping after breast augmentation, consider these common changes and factors when choosing off the rack:

  • Breasts with implants tend to be wider than those without and can affect your overall bra size, especially with underwire styles.
  • Your band size, which is the measurement under your breasts, usually will not change.
  • Your cup size is almost certain to change, and may be as much as a half cup size larger if there is increased fullness on the sides.

Tips for Bra Shopping With Breast Implants

As you round out your new wardrobe, consider these tips for success when bra shopping after implants:

woman laying on back wearing blue lingerie
  • Wear bras. There is a myth out there that after a breast lift or augmentation that you don’t need to wear a bra. This is not true, because your breasts can still sag. Wearing a bra is the best thing you can do for your new breasts!
  • Avoid buying too much at once. For at least the first six months, your shape may still be changing. While of course you will need good bras and clothes right away, space out your purchases and give yourself time to heal before restocking your closet.
  • Your size might not be exact. You probably discussed the cup size you wanted with your cosmetic surgeon, and you should have that size when your body has healed. However, depending on how widely spaced your implants are, and even the type of implant chosen, you may have to buy a larger cup size for full coverage and comfort.
  • Get a friend’s opinion. Bring a friend along when you are shopping and rely on their honest opinions about potential purchases and how they flatter your new shape. What you have chosen in the past might not work for you now, and a trusted friend will tell you what new styles look best from every angle.

Feeling Comfortable in Your New Shape

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Feeling comfortable and confident in your body is the goal of breast augmentation for most patients. Shopping for the best bras and most flattering necklines should be something to look forward to. If you are considering a breast lift or breast augmentation surgery in Houston, contact the Aesthetic Surgery Institute for a free virtual or in person consultation about your options. Your comfort and self confidence are our highest priority.