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Neck Lift in Houston, TX

The neck is one of the first places on ones body to show your true age.  As we age the neck tends to loosen and for many it is an area where fat will deposit.  If you are struggling with the way your neck looks due to excessive skin, fat or wrinkles of the neck we can help.  Dr. Do is one of the top cosmetic surgeons in Houston for facial rejuvenation.  He has helped many patients by performing the necklift procedure reversing the aging around the neck area.

How is a Neck Lift Performed?

It is very common for patients undergoing facial rejuvenation procedures to include a necklift at the same time.  If you are having multiple procedures performed obviously the surgery time will vary depending on the number of procedures.  The necklift procedure involves making a small incision under the chin allowing access to the platysma (neck muscle).  He will then remove any excess fat and skin creating a more tightened neckline.

A typical necklift will take 2-4 hours depending on the severity of the case and the number of other facial procedures being performed at same time.

What Can I Expect After a Neck Lift?

Following your necklift procedure you will feel some soreness and discomfort in the neck.  Dr. Do will prescribe oral pain medication to lessen the soreness Most patients return to work after about a week. It is important to attend all follow-up appointments to insure proper recovery.

Houston Neck Lift Before and After Pictures

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